The Old Turkish Bath

Experience the true Turkish Delight while in Fethiye in Traditional style, working your way from warm, to hot, to an enjoyable furnace.

Then have a body scrub, to clean your body. It will never be so clean again!!!

You can have a shower and stay in the hot room for a short while , awaiting your soap massage which will unlock all the tight muscles in your body and make you fell re-born, shower again and have a cup of tea with your new found friends.

Finish of the experience with an rose oil massage. When you leave it will be as if you have been to heaven, an invigorating Turkish Delightful Experience.

If you want to keep your suntan longer have a Turkish Bath when you arrive in Fethiye to prepare your skin for a deep suntan, or half way through to stop peeling when you get home for a longer lasting suntan.

A-Hot water
C-Wood Storage

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